Guilford public school repairs to continue through summer

By Rachael Scarborough King, Register Staff
June 14, 2008

GUILFORD — Several schools will be under construction this summer as the district moves ahead with facilities repairs.

Elisabeth C. Adams Middle School, Guilford High School and Abraham Baldwin Middle School will have work ongoing in the coming months, Guilford Public Schools Director of Operations Cliff Gurnham told the Board of Education this week.

In April, voters approved about $2.96 million in facility improvements at the two middle schools, in addition to new wells at Melissa Jones School and a new roof for A.W. Cox School. Gurnham said the work at Melissa Jones and Cox will probably begin in 2009.

Superintendent of Schools Thomas Forcella said that this summer is seeing more construction than usual.

“We have quite a few projects and I think the school board and the voters have been good to approve these referendums, so we’re trying to get as much done as we can,” he said.

The largest project is the work at Adams Middle School, where officials are hoping to improve a flooding situation that forced the evacuation of basement classrooms twice this school year.

Workers have found damage to the front steps of the Church Street school from water between the steps and the walls, Forcella said.

He added that some of the steps may have to be removed and rebuilt to solve the problem.

In April, voters approved $2.6 million for the water infiltration work and a new roof at Cox elementary school, as well as $365,000 for a new parking lot at Abraham Baldwin and the wells at Melissa Jones.

Last year, a $2.6 million bond for new roofs at four local schools, which includes the work at Adams and the high school, passed at referendum.

Forcella said the original portion of Adams Middle School, which was built in the 1930s, will get a new roof. The project at the high school will involve replacing certain areas of the roof.

The work at Abraham Baldwin involves reconfiguring and repaving the parking lot to ease traffic problems.

The planned construction has forced the school district to juggle some of its summer programs, Forcella said.

Instead of having some activities at Abraham Baldwin, they will be held at Calvin Leete School and Guilford Lakes School.

During summer, the district holds a summer reading camp, professional development and summer school programs. “The greater burden will be on some of the other schools because we can’t really do anything in some schools,” Forcella said.

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