A Bloody Good Time

Enough has been written about the brilliance of Mad Men that it doesn’t really bear repeating here, but I just had to comment on the utterly insane amazingness of this week’s “Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency.” On other blogs and TV forums there has been some minor complaining about a slow start to the third season. Then last week there was the storyline last week of Sally pushing another classmate, with a glimpse of her smearing blood across her face. All of which led up to this week, when the bloody, mangled bits of new boss Guy’s foot are splashed across Paul, Ken and Harry, and Joan spends the rest of the episode walking around in a bloody dress. No other show could make the chain of events (including the fact of the John Deere tractor even being in the office in the first place) so inevitable and realistic. (I could see something like this happening on The Sopranos, but there it would be part of some totally surreal sequence.)

And with all of this building up to JFK’s assassination, here’s a great analysis of the way the tractor accident mirrors the famous video of Dallas:

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