No. Branford High closes early after fuel tanks run dry

Rachael Scarborough King, Register Staff

NORTH BRANFORD — North Branford High School ran out of heating oil Monday, and after a chilly day, students went home one period early.

Administrators discovered that the school has not been receiving deliveries of oil. Although the oil company made an emergency delivery around noon, the building was not heating up and officials decided to release students early.

Superintendent of Schools Robert Wolfe said that the problem stemmed from some work that was done last summer to upgrade the fuel line that runs between the school’s oil tank and boiler. At that time, the school was removed from the automatic delivery account the district has with East River Energy.

Usually, Wolfe said, all the North Branford schools receive automatic oil deliveries throughout the year. No other schools experienced problems Monday.

“We didn’t want any deliveries at the point we were working on the system, so the system was deactivated and the high school was never put back on the automatic bill,” Wolfe said.

He added that the district’s director of personnel and business added the high school to the automatic delivery bill Monday afternoon.

After Monday’s emergency delivery, there should be no further problems with the high school’s heating system, Wolfe said. Officials had thought that the delivery would solve the issue right away, but the boilers took more than an hour to heat up, prompting the early release.

Temperatures Monday were in the 40s.

“The system is now back up and running and providing full heat, so we’ll be fine for (today),” Wolfe said. “We anticipated that we were going to get the boiler up faster (on Monday), so when it became obvious we were not going to be able to get the boilers up we just said, ‘Call it quits.’ “

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